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1) Graveyard has been changed to GY in all instances used in this pack.

2) (Quick Effect) is now being used on Monsters with Quick Effects, this one is seemingly replacing “Either players X” and (This is a quick effect) text.

3) Several cards have changed to say Spell/Trap instead of “Spell/Trap Card” with a few exceptions like Denko Sekka which still used one of each.

4) The text “Cannot be Special Summoned by other ways” doesn’t appear to be in use anymore, this change is seen on cards like Wulf, Judgement Dragon and the Infernoids.

5) The text “X-Type” is being changed to just X, For example, cards that used to say “Dragon-Type Monster now just says Dragon Monster. This also applies to “Tuner Monster” becoming “Tuner” on some cards.

6) The use of “or more” in Monster Recipes has now been replaced with a + sign instead. So Trishula, Dragon of the ice Barrier now reads “1 Tuner + 2+ non-Tuner monsters”.

7) Xyz Material is being changed to just material on several cards however a few such as Bujintei Tsukuyomi still use Xyz Material.

8) “Xyz Materials attached to that monster also become Xyz Materials on this card” was changed to “Transfer its materials to this card”.

Source: YGOrganization

Sorry for the delay guys.
My laptop was crashed a few week ago, and I didn't have any devices else to make cards.
From next Monday to June 16th, I have to study for my upcoming exams, so I'm gonna stop making cards and taking requests. After that, I'll back in business.

Hope you guys understand. Thank you ^^
A. Introduction
1. What is D-Master Monster?
D-Master Monster, short for Deck Master Monster, is a type of Monster Card that is colored RED (like the illegal Slifer). They are stored in the in D-Master Zone, a new type of Zone that locates on the left of the Extra Deck Zone.
Deck Master was first introduced to us in the Virtual World Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster (for more information, please visit…). Later, my friend :icongrezar: tried to make his own version of Deck Master [W.I.P]Venelyus, the Flame of Eternity by grezar and that inspired me, but back then, I didn't have enough ideas and had trouble in making Deck Master fit with the real game. Now, I finally figure how my version of Deck Master is gonna be like.

2. What special about D-Master Monster?
● First of all, pretty much like Pendulum Monster Cards having Pendulum Effect, D-Master Monster has an effect called D-Master Effect. This kind of effect is written in small typesetting in a partially transparent box, which is right above the monster's lore box.

● Like I said above, D-Master Monster is in the D-Master Zone, but in the anime, you can Summon it to your field from almost anytime you want. So I give it a new form of Special Summon called Superior Summon.

3. How does D-Master work?
● How can you activate the D-Master Effect?
-You can activate the D-Master Effect of a D-Master Monster from your D-Master Zone OR face-up on your side of the field.

-If the D-Master you want to activate is in your D-Master Zone, you FLIP IT FACE-UP in your D-Master Zone. After the Chain of effects (if any) ends, that D-Master remains face-up, but you still can use its D-Master Effect.

● How do you Superior Summon a D-Master Monster?
You can Superior Summon your D-Master Monster in either player's Main Phase or Battle Phase from your D-Master Zone.

● When a FACE-UP D-Master Monster you control in the Monster Zone is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or by card effect), you lose 4000 LP.

B. Rulings
1. About Superior Summon
● A Superior Summon CANNOT BE NEGATED by cards that negate Special Summons like "Solemn Warning" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh".
● Cards and effects CANNOT BE ACTIVATED in response to the Superior Summon.

2. About D-Master Monster
● You CAN ONLY HAVE 1 D-Master Monster in your Deck. Before the Duel starts, each player take the D-Master Monster in their Deck (if any) and place it FACE-DOWN in the D-Master Zone.
● D-Master Monster can have the same name as one of your card in the Deck, but D-Master isn't counted as 1 of the copies.
● D-Master Monsters are Special Summon monsters like Fusion, Ritual, Synchro and Xyz Monsters.
● D-Master Monsters face-up on the field can be used for Fusion, Ritual, Synchro or Xyz Summon. If so, the monster it used for is treated as your new D-Master Monster, and that monster gains the D-Master Effect.
● When a D-Master Monster would be RETURNED TO THE HAND OR DECK by a card effect, it is RETURNED TO THE D-Master Zone INSTEAD.

3. About D-Master Effect
D-Master Effect CANNOT BE NEGATED by other card effects.


Hi guys, it's me Kai, sorry for logging out so long.

As the title above, I'm gonna stop making cards for a while in order to focus on graduation and college.

Hope you guys understand.

As soon as I finish my entrance exam, which is in July, I'll be back right away.


1) FORBIDDEN: ALL 4 "DRAGON RULER" SEARCHERS + "SPELLBOOK OF JUDGMENT" (Hahahaha, take that, Dragon Rulers and Prophecy).

-Monster: Genex Ally Birdman, Wind-Up Shark, Mermail Abyssteus, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Rooster, Number 11: Big Eye, and Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.
-Spell: Super Rejuvenation, and Divine Wind of Mist Valley.
-Trap: Abyss-sphere.

-Monster: Chaos Sorcerer, Gladiator Beast Bestiari, Neo-Specian Grand Mole and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.
-Spell: Fire Formation - Tenki and Black Whirlwind.

-Monster: Wind-Up Magician and Tsukuyomi.
-Spell: E - Emergency Call, Advance Ritual Art, Pot of Duality, Scapegoat, Reasoning.
-Trap: Mirror Force.

SECOND, in December, there's gonna be a new Structure Deck - LIGHTNING STRIKE OF THE MECHLIGHT DRAGON. Currently, we only know the name of the Deck and its theme, but I think it's gonna be AWEEEEEESOME  ^^

Currently, I'm making an Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fic with :iconjunkmandelta: The fan fic is about Yuma Tsukumo and Jaden Yuki. The details will we tell you guys later.
As the title above, I'm verry sorry for being absent. After having my computer fixed, I had to study for the final exam so I didn't have time to make cards. Now I'm back, making all of your requests and I will post them ASAP.

-FORBIDDEN: Sangan, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity.

-Limited: Wind-Up Magician, One Day of Peace, Solemn Warning.

-Semi-Limited: Tsukuyomi, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Advanced Ritual Art.

-Unlimited: Spore, Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner, Shien's Smoke Signal, Mind Crush.

BTW, I've just known that the next set "Judgment of the Light" will have some Synchro Monsters (probably LIGHT, WIND and FIRE of Fire Fist, Mecha Phantom Beast and new LIGHT archetype)
Cover Card: Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Space-Time Dragon ( Yes, it's Number 107)

-Many new cards appearing from the hit animated series "Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Second" are included. The set combines contents from the world of the animated series for Beginners and Fans of the TV Show, while also having Official Card Game Original contents for existing and experience players, with each and every card is balanced.

-A multitude of Xyz Monsters are included, expanding your options for battle. Your duels will be more exciting than ever.

-Including Xyz Supporting Cards, there will be a New Theme as well as cards that enhancing existing themes, allowing for ever increasing variety.
:D :D :D
Hi everybody!!
I have some bad news for you guys. I just broke my hand this morning (29/7). The doctor said I need a month to recover, so in one month I can't make cards for you guys.

But I promise I will back to work as soon as possible.
Shark's Ace Card in manga

Attribute: WATER
Types: Sea Serpent/ Xyz / Effect
Rank: 4
ATK/DEF: 2600/2100

2 Level 4 WATER monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; Special Summon 1 Rank 3 or lower WATER Xyz Monster from your Extra Deck. This card cannot declare an attack the turn this effect is activated.

Link Here:…
Attribute: LIGHT
Rank: 9
ATK/DEF: 2800/3000

Once, during the Battle Step, when this card with Xyz Material is targeted for an attack: Negate that attack. When this card with no Xyz Material is targeted for an attack: You can target 2 monsters in your Graveyard; attach those targets to this card as Xyz Materials. If your opponent controls a monster whose ATK is higher than this card: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; this turn, this card can attack your opponent directly.

This cards' effects are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!